I've read the "IDE controllers" thread, but



…haven’t gotten an answer to my question yet. I’ve read thru the entire thread, and someone made reference to this card:


But I can’t tell if it would be a good one for my system. I have an Intel 925XCV mobo, and all 4 SATA ports are in use by hard drives, and that’s not going to change. So I’m left w/IDE.

Here’s another possibility:


The single onboard IDE controller on my mobo is being used by two DVD burners already–an NEC 3520AW, and LG GSA-4163B. Yes, I’m a burner glutton: I want MORE MORE MORE!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d like to play w/a BenQ 1620, and an Lite-On 1673. For this I need to add an IDE card. (I considered an external enclosure, but I already have a variety of external devices, and my desk is over-cluttered.) :slight_smile:

I read in the IDE thread about sometimes add-in IDE cards conflicting w/the onboard controller, and that SI chipsets were supposed to be good–unless the onboard controller also uses an SI chipset… and… and… and…

My head is spinning. The cards are cheap, so I just want to take the plunge and get one, and try it out.

So which one would you go with: the Adaptec, or the SIIG card?


These two cards are very similar, so just see which chipset is on your motherboard and then you can decide.

I guess only thing changing is their chipset: SIL680 for the SIIG and dunno what for the adaptec.


I don’t know how to check what the IDE chipset on my motherboard is–I guess go to Intel’s site and wade thru a lot of specs. :Z Too lazy… :wink:

The Adaptec is available at my local CompUSA. It looks like they’ve changed their return policy–probably from pressure by competitors. You can finally actually return a non-defective item, simply because you don’t like it. In the past, they were very hard-core about returns, but capitalism is a wonderful thing! :cool:

Anyway, what I’m getting to, is that I can try the Adaptec from CompUSA, and if it doesn’t work, return it and order the SIIG. In the past I had good luck w/Adaptec SCSI cards, so maybe, if they’re still good… [fingers crossed] The specs on the Adaptec do say it can coexist w/onboard IDE controllers, so if it doesn’t, well… there’s an excuse for a return right there!

I knew when I posted this question that it might be tough to get a reply from someone who has the exact same setup. So I’ll try the Adaptec, then report back here what happens.


All right, I finally got over to CompUSA and bought the Adaptec card. It is Adaptec Model #ASH-1233 “Ultra ATA/133” controller card. It is based on the Sil680 chip–I took a pic before I installed it (below) so you all could see the silkscreening on the chip.

The card is a bit overpriced at $49 U.S. at CompUSA, but OTOH, it is a basic, non-RAID card that shouldn’t get you into trouble. (Plus if it goes bad, I have 21 days to take it back–locally, no return shipping costs. :wink: ) Some of the cards apparently were shipped w/a sticker on them that said something about RAID, but Adaptec’s knowledge base specifically says that the card does not do RAID. (Mine doesn’t have that sticker.) Which is good news for those of us who only want to add more burners–also adding RAID can gum up the works. Especially if you–like me–already have an onboard RAID controller running. And we certainly don’t need RAID for burners! :slight_smile:

A couple of notes: I had planned to just install the card, make sure it booted w/the system, install the drivers, etc. And then go ahead and order my new burners. But it hung at the point where the card’s BIOS loaded–my experience w/Adaptec cards is that it was probably looking for a drive, and was darn sure not going to boot until it found one. So I took my LG 4163 off the onboard IDE controller, changed it to “master”, hooked it up to the Adaptec, and the system booted like a charm. The card definitely wants at least one drive hooked up to it, before it will play w/you.

I used CD Speed to burn a data disk, then did a disk quality check. Seemed like everything went okay. I plan to order a couple new drives to put on this card, and put the LG back on the mobo’s IDE controller. In the meantime, I’ll burn a couple of movies, to see how it performs. Will keep you posted.


I have the same card and was wondering if it was was possible to put all my HDs including the one with the OS on it, inorder to free up the onboard IDEs for optical drives?