Ive lost my Clone DVD?

I own Clone DVD, Any DVD, Clone CD:flower:

I had a new 80GB hard drive added to my PC yesterday and in the change over I lost all three above.

So far so good!

I downloaded all three again and had my keys all ready to go, Clone CD and Any DVD all went ok but Clone DVD now says Ive only on a 21 day trail version. I contacted Slysoft but still havent heard back from them. Ive tried to put my key into the prog but cant find a way of doing it? The keys were not asked for the others which have worked ok.

Now I did purchase it on 9th July 2005, is it only valid for 12 months? Ive tried to read on the site if thats the case but I just cant find anything on the Slysoft web site that says Clone DVD is only valid for 12mths? I do have the key number but what am I really ment to do?

Hope you have some help I want my Clone DVD back:sad:

my first thought upon reading the title was “oh no! you better go find it!” then again i’m drunk.

so i take it that nothin ghappens when you double click the key file?

if you have the numbers you can try manually adding it into the registry. I wouldn’t know where to direct you, but I know it’s been discussed on the forums before. you could probably find it with a quick search.

at least that gives you something to look up while you’re waiting to hear back from slysoft!

and to alleviate any doubts, technically i believe the elby site had originally stated that the cloendvd license is good for free updates for a year, but they’ve never made anyone pay for updates. Updates have always been available for free for anyont that has purchased the program. so just to reassure you, it’s not that your license expired or anything. it’s some kind of software glitch that I’m sure tech support will repond to if you don’t find a fix on here first :slight_smile:

I just cant find a part to enter my old key?

what do yu mean “a part”?

if your key is a file, you double click the file and it should automatically add it to the registry.

if you just have the numbers/letters or whatever you’ll have to manually edit the registry like i mentioned above (sot sure what the exact registry value is to edit but it’s on the forum somewhere as I’m sure it’s been discussed a few times before)

your keys in the registry are found here

HKEY local machine>software>slysoft>anydvd>key

You should have a file named “Key.CloneDVD” that you recieved with the registration. This is the file you double-click to register CloneDVD.

had the same happened to me when I got my new unit - sly got back to me and helped straighten it out - have some faith and some patience - they should have your e/mail on file