I've had it, I finally smacked my TDK Velo-POS

I don’t understand it. I bought the TDK 24/10/40 Internal veloCD drive a year ago when it first came out and was highly highly rated.

For the past year I have experienced nothing but problems with the drive. I’ve tried reinstalling it numerous times. I’ve tried upgrading Nero. I’ve tried different types of quality on the blank media. I’ve tried using task-manager to quit out of any unnecessary ram eaters outside of systray and explorer. I’ve tried defragging. I’ve tried burning down as low as 4x speed.

What generally happens is my cd’s become coasters. Now this isn’t all the time it’s just at least 25% of the time. That’s way too high isn’t it? Oh, and forget about multi-tasking while I’m burning a cd, that’s a great way to create a coaster.

What is very very strange though is what happened recently when I installed Windows XP! For some strange reason, Nero was working. My cd’s were burning. Hell they were even burning at 24x! That’s never happened before. I could actually be playing something in my windows media player, browsing on the internet, and burning at 24X. This was unbelievable. I thought I was dreaming. That’s what I expected of the damn thing when I bought it and now, a year later, it’s finally working as advertised. And now it’s not again. I just tried to burn 8 cd’s in a row, and all of them stopped burning around the 12-25% completion mark. 8 CD’s! None were attempted at faster than 16x and two of them were attempted at 4x.

Can anyone help? Why is the freaking thing so unstable. It’s thoroughly driving me insane. I’m actually getting pissed off just thinking about it right now. I paid $250.00 for that thing.

Thanks in advance.

Edit - My computer :

IBM Aptiva PIII 500 Mhz.
384k Ram
64 MB ATI Radeon graphics card
16 gig hard drive
Windows XP

Well , for starters , your memory isn’t on the large side. Maybe adding another 512mb would make the Operating System a little more stable.

Then there’s the 57s5 firmware available here and the 6v36 firmware here for it ; If you haven’t upgraded it yet , please try that.

There’a also an upgrade for Nero 5.580 as well.

TDK offers some helpful hints here .

perhapse the drive is getting to hot?
(just a thought)

Unfortunately the heat isn’t the issue. This happens all the time, whether it’s been recently turned on or not.

My previous drive was a TDK VeloCD 24/10/40, It worked fine for almost a year but then started recording poor audio quality. Sounded like scratches during the song. I used Win98, 2000Pro and finally XP. The drive worked well in all systems. I just wore it out. I was so happy w/it, I bought a new TDK drive. I’m thinking of having TDK refurb my old one and putting it into a second system for a backup. I NEVER had a coaster, just poor audio after almost a year.

p.s., I paid the $14.99 for 2-year repair/replacement this time around just in case

here are my hardware specs:
P-4 1.6
Geforce3 Ti-500
100 Gig WD HDD

Your situation sounds like mine. I, too, have produced a large percentage of coasters in the last year. It took time getting it to work initially, then it quit working. I invested a great deal more time to get it working again. Now, its down again but I think its possibly related to adding a new HD.

Check your ‘ghost driver’ situation. It seems that changing hardware configurations can upset the delicate chemistry of TDK/Nero.

There should be a copy of wnaspi32.dll in the C:\Program Files\Ahead\Nero folder AND another copy in the C:\Windows\System32 folder.

If the files are not the same size and date, I suggest you copy the file that is in the Nero folder and paste it over the one in the System32 folder. That may cure the problem.

384 k of RAM? How do you even run Win XP with that? Do you mean megabytes? Also, my HP writer created just coasters for a while on Win 98. I just had to reinstall the OS, as I hadn’t in a while and it was running really slow. You should try updating the drivers in system and also any CD Burning programs you have installed too.