I've Got Quite a Mess On My Hands

Hi, all…

I am using Nero Express Ver.

When I returned from Italy, I used the above software to burn pictures onto a VCD, that I thought would play in my DVD player. Bottom line: sometimes the images play one after the other, and sometimes the images don’t play period. I don’t have the nice menu on the burned CD that I can control with the remote from my DVD player to step through the pictures on the CD, although I believe that this might be a function of the software itself, in terms of limitations from its being only Nero Express.

What I had originally thought that I might do is pull the picture images off the CD that I burned with Nero Express, put them on my hard drive, download the full (demo) version of Nero Ver. 6, and reattempt burning the CD again. What seems to be standing in the way at the moment is that all of the picture images on the burned CD in the SEGMENT directory are ‘.DAT’ files, and they are defaulted to OPEN (of all things) with MS Word. I believe that they should have burned onto the CD as MPEG or JPG files (please forgive me here if I am using the wrong degination for the picture files; no one knows less about this stuff than me!), or some other “picture-ish” type of file.

So that, in a nutshell, is the mess that I am in. Does anyone have any ideas that can help me out here? I would be deeply appreciative. :confused:

Do you still have the original pictures? If not, you can convert the VCD to AVI and then convert the AVI to MPG or maybe even JPG.

Thanks for the reply… :slight_smile:

No, I (stupidly, I admit) don’t have the original pictures any longer. How do I set about doing what you advised; i.e., changing the VCD to a different format, using Nero Express? Please advise, and thank you.

Best regards.

If it is a true VCD disc, there should be a folder called MPEGAV containg a AVSEQ01.DAT file (or more .DAT files). .DAT files are .mpeg files with some extra information added to the header. So your multiple .DAT files are most likely your pictures. You can either try dropping one of the .DAT files into WMP or other video playing application… or try VCDGear and do a conversion from .dat to .mpg. Once you have the files as MPG, just use an app like VirtualDub to convert the video to pictures.

How do you use VirtualDub to convert the MPG to a picture?

drop your mpg file into virtualdub, find the section of video you want… set an in mark (next to last button on the bottom) advance one or two frames (right arrow key twice)… set an out mark (last button on bottom row)… go to File and select save image sequence… change to .bmp and choose a DIR to output to and save. you’ll have a couple pictures frames now as bitmaps.