I've got little problem with orriginal Diablo

Hi All! I’ve got little problem with orriginal Diablo 2. I’m trying to do images of the cd’s. I’m making MovieCD and InstallCD without any problems, but the problem shows when I’m trying to do the image of PlayCD, when it’s 99% the cd stops then start again and the image is done. But when I’m mounting it in VCD it says to enter proper CD. I’m using Alcohol120% and my cd is LITE-ON LTR-52246S. Please HELP!
PS: My english isn’t perfect, sorry for any mistakes:)

Hi there,

First of all the original CD of Diablo2 is protected by SecuRom new, so you should do the Image by using the SecuRom new-Option. I think you can choose this in the first screen of the Image-assistant in the last field on that page. You should also turn on the Emulation for Subchannel-Data under OPTIONS-EMULATION-EXTRA EMULATION befor you mount the Image of the Play-CD.
Hope this will help you.

:cool: PS: As you can see my English is even worser than yours, but just take it easy :cool: