I've got a problem with Windows Media Player



Hello everyone, as you can obviously tell, I’m a newbie.

I want to erase all of my media file history, so I went to tools, clicked on options – But there is no privacy tab feature at all. :confused: What do I do? How do I add the privacy tab feature? Is there another way for me to erase my media files?


Erasing a history file and erasing media files are two different things.

You want only to erase the history?


Yes I want to erase currently playing media from file, but in order to do that, you need to click the privacy tab. But for some odd reason, I don’t have the privacy tab feature in Windows Media Player in options?


May not be the route you want to take, I’m not even sure if it’ll work (newbie
to most electronics)…could you simply uninstall windows media player, and then redownload it?

[B]Windows Media Player[/B]

Don’t do anything until you get a confirmation from a season veteran on this issue.


What version of WMP do you have? Maybe that’s the issue. Also try these Media players they are much better than WMP and they’re all free.
Zoom Player
VLC Media Player