Ive formatted a m8s computer and its diffrent from mine?

Hi i went to a mates house yesterday and went to format his computer he said it was going slow and he had virus and stuff like tht. so i formatted his comp with a disc i bought windows xp professional sp2 formatted his comp well all went good and then when i went 2 install his drivers the colour one was already there but i cud only take it to 1024 by 768 if i took it any lower it says “out of range” he got a wireless router that he gets the internet with im guessin he needs 2 the disc 2 set that up again? and the sound has messed up badly i went 2 put em on it says summut like “reboot system and try again” but before he could get sound but the drivers on my computer work fine so what am i doin thats wrong?

It sounds like you need to find original drivers for his computer. If he doesn’t have any of the original disks, go to the websites for the various equipment in his computer and download drivers. I would suspect that would help at least some of your problems.

how do i find out what drivers he needs and what websites download free drivers cuz the 1s i go on always need 2 pay for em so if u got any sugesstions that would be grateful thanks

first you need to find out what hardware is in his cpu; sound card, video card, ethernet adapter, etc. Once you find that out then it’s just a matter of going to the manufacturers websites to get them. Download this program Aida 32 and it may tell you what hardware is in the cpu and it sometimes gives you links to the drivers. If that doesn’t work you may need to get the updated version which is now called Everest. It’s not free anymore but it may support newer hardware.

If it is a prebuilt computer (like a dell or something), you can often go to the computer manufactures site and get all the drivers or at least find out what some of the hardware in it is. Beyond that, you pretty much have to do what sikoone sugested which can work to some extent, and or open the computer, look at the markings on the various components, and start googleing to find out exactlly what they are. Obvioulsly it would be easier to try software to identify parts first.

ive got my freinds pc (ive posted about what ive done and people say i need 2 open his system) and i wanna know how i open it correctly or do i jus unscrew the screws and open one side anyway when im in iti dont know what parts i should check to find drivers for his computer.
please help me ill be very grateful thanks.

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As ripit said, try software first. You can download something like Belarc Advisor, which will analyse the computer and give a lot of information about hardware components inside. It is less than 1MB so you can download it on another machine and transfer by floppy.

For the multimedia side if you need more details just go to ‘Start’ -> ‘Run…’ and type “dxdiag”. This will give loads of info about the sound and video hardware specifications.

The correct card drivers should be installed, most likely either ATI or NVIDIA.