I've either gotten my 3rd bad batch (in last 4) of Verbatim's

or else my 1640 suddenly likes CMC media better. The following scans are scans of the same ISO image, burned at 8x (my usual burn speed for backups). The first scan is the better of 2 burns with Verbatim MCC004 (can’t remember if this was a Newegg or a Best Buy batch). The second is with some Teon branded CMC media that I picked up before Christmas last year from Staples. I’m tempted to enable solid burn for known media, but I don’t want to risk messing up the CMC burn strategy, especially since I have about 200 CMC on the shelf. I never get PIF spikes over 8, let alone several in double digits.

Has anyone else been having problems with Verbatim media recently?

Burn your MCC 004 at 12x and you get better results with your 1640.

I also have found that Verbatim MCC 004 from CMC are better. Maybe yours are the Prodisc version?

I have a third of a spool each of Verbatim MCC 003
and MCC 004.
I watched the quality scans go south with both.
With the MCC 003’s I had used up a couple of
hundred with QS’s between 97 and 99 until about
half way through the last spool.
The MCC 004’s never were as good for me as the
003’s, but they also got worse about half way
through the spool of 100.
All were bought from Newegg.
So now I’m trying out some Taiyo Yuden T02’s from Rima.

Well, burning at 12x is certainly better. I never used to burn at 12x, I’ve always burned just about everything at 8x and never had issues until the past 2 or 3 months. Interesting to say the least.

I seem to have missed something somewhere along the way. Aren’t all Verbatim MCC 004 discs made by Mitsubishi Chemical? Wouldn’t they have a MID other than MCC if they were made by CMC or Prodisc? :confused:

I’m pretty sure that the MCC004 scans in your first post was burned at 16x. :wink: That PIF spikes at around 3-4GB is the clue for 16x burns on 1640.

You haven’t missed anything. I think there was a misunderstanding in one of the early replies. The MCC004 are Verbatims. I was comparing them to scans of some Teon CMC-MAG E01’s, and was surprised at how much better the CMC scans were compared to the Verbatim MCC’s.

Have a read of this threadwhen you have time.:wink:

Thanks for the link. It was enlightening reading. IMHO, putting any MID on media other than that of the actual manufacturer is basic dishonesty.

I agree if we’re talking about someone faking the media code of another company, but that’s not what’s happening here! :disagree:

Verbatim outsource production of most of their media to other companies, including CMC, Prodisc and Moser Baer India. The CDs and DVDs are made with Mitsubishi technology and quality assurance at the outsourced factories, but the media is labelled and sold as Verbatim. Mitsubishi is Verbatim’s parent company.

There is nothing dishonest about this - the same kind of outsourcing is happening within most other industries from textile to aerospace.

Maybe not, but it doesn’t make me feel any better knowing a company such as Prodisc that I usually go out of my way to avoid is making some Verbatim DVDs. At least, the MID is “Prodisc” on Verbatim CD-Rs made by Prodisc. That’s the way it should be on the DVDs as well.

Nope. The problem IS crappy Verbatim MCC-004’s. This was a 12x burn. The last 3 of 4 batches of Verbatim’s now have been far worse then even my worst CMC disks. Fortunately 2 of the 3 bad batches were only 25 disc spindles. This last one though is 50 discs down the toilet :a

2 of my 25 packs suck as well. Good quality scores 97%, but >300 PIE max after 3 gig mark.

I also have bad batches from Newegg both MCC003 and MCC004, the ones from Best Buy and Office Max are great. I don’t mean to infer anything but this is my experience.

Personally, I blame the manufacturer, not the dealer.

Try a different scanner. Immediately. Then try a different burner, see if you get the same problems. I’m willing to bet your 1640 is fine except for the scanning.

If the Verbatim CD-Rs made by Prodisc were made on Mitsubishi’s manufacturing process, they’d have an MCC ATIP. Mitsubishi set up Prodisc, CMC and MBIL with its own equipment and dye. It’s no different from the discs being made in the Mitsubishi factory in Singapore. It wouldn’t make sense for a disc with an MCC stamper code (like ZD9667-DVR-X47B) and MCC’s own Azo dye to have a Prodisc, CMC or MBIL MID.

It would be interesting to know where this particular “bad stack” of discs were made. Maybe you could test some -R’s?

1640 has solidburn doesn’t it? Have you tried that