I've converted a few CD tracks to 5.1...how do I get these to play on a standalone?

I was gonna post this in the audio forum, but as this problem involves authoring a DVD [sort of]…I thought I would pester you blokes :slight_smile:

Anyway…I converted some old CD singles into AC3 5.1 using Sony Vegas. So far, so good!

Now, how can I get these to play in my DVD player via my 5.1 setup? I would assume I would have to have some kind of “static” picture and author it as a regular DVD? I was thinking of a static background, mabye one for each tune, then load in the audio tracks and set chapter point for each tune?

I know I could use “Audio DVD Creator”, but thats only 2 channels and rather defeats the object.


Found the answer!

Thank you DVDlab…!

The new DVDlab Pro version has this…

“Audio-Only Track
A ‘Movie’ can now have also audio track(s) only. This is a good option for distributing large amount of music on a DVD. As addition you can also edit the still screen that will be displayed during the audio playback. (For example a song title)”

Superb…downloading the “beta” version for a test run :slight_smile: