I've been sent wrong drive/burner



Hi,new to these & need some help please…

I ordered an LG GSA-H22N from Savastore UK and they have sent me a GSA-H12N (although bag marked as H22N).

Is the 12N an older/less featured drive than the 22N?

I thought I would ask the knowledgeable folks here before I ring up and comlain.

Any help appreciated…





I dont know which drive is newer, but it is not really less featured. It just has a different chipset. H12N uses Renesas chipset and H22N Panasonic chipset.


There are also some differences in writing CDs.


Patience please.

I think you should return it anyway, whether it’s better/older or whatever.

Just imagine it fails & you need a replacement, will they accept a 12N when they believe they sent you a 22N? I think not.


Sorry Tim,just got a bit agitated :o

…and thanks for good logical advice. :slight_smile:


Your welcome.


the LG DVD FAQ contains some info on comparing the two different chipsets.