I've been hacked!



Some azzhole hacked my Superweb account. All the time he’s online I can’t get online because the server doesn’t take my password. Anybody know how to fix this?? At first I wanna get this guy back because I gotta wait for a week before I get my new account (the old one will be disabled). But I also wanna play in that week I gotta wait so how do I fix thiz??


maybe the server is experiencing trouble or something and that’s why you can’t logon? or maybe you forgot your password?


I’m sure I’ve been hacked! I won’t forget my password and my computer surely won’t!!
Just anohter Sub 7 kiddie I guess…

2 bad!


why dont you use a personal firewall program like blackice defender?


that happened to me once…kleared it up w/ a fone Kall.


or use @Guard, good too

Maybe SW login server damaged at that time and nobody could login

or some HW probs on their side


Use ZoneAlarm, nobody gets in… Sure of that. And U know an attack by name if they try

And then there was nothing


and where can i found ZoneAlarm ?


with at guard you know all that too

and its far more configurable then zonealarm, but you can use them both, and when you monitor very deep in detail you will notice that zonealarm opens a port to a specific ip and closes when you close zonealarm so, something is going on on that port, that’s why i use more then one


zonealarm is free atguard is not even available anymore unless you get it at a private site or a warez site.

I use both aswell good safety using both