I've always wanted to be?!



Everyone has a wish. Is it in this poll?

This is for Namoh only: Yes you are too fast. Shut up and wait for the 20 options.


He, I wasn’t planning to post before you added the poll … this time. :stuck_out_tongue:



i think we already know what is going to win this one, its already 50/50


I should make an entire poll about her. Good for her ego, but i think Numbers would hunt me down and kill me in a way that’s even too harsh for Resident Evil 5.


where’s the option: a purple dildo :confused:

@Mr. Belvedere, yeah he’s really frightening


mmmmmmmmm, no purple dildo option … than I’ll go for: the rubber ducky option. :stuck_out_tongue:


thats a good one :slight_smile:

@Mr. Belvedere, there already is a thread about her the see SS nude thread, although most of the pictures in there contain midgets, drunk sailors, fat women in bikini’s and other various hilarious stuff, kinda died down though, but it could always use a bring back to life post


I wanna be 007 he had the coolest gadgets…and never let them see him sweat…god he was great…and a smooth talker…


sober for more than six (hours)months


A bird in MTV’s dont stop the music forest


ss gets my vote mmmmmmmmmmmmm


S_S’s more popular than God…


The world has gone mad. :iagree:


I should be jealousy of her because I chose “I’ve always wanted to be God.”


Awww Kenny have you ever seen James Bond 007 …he had some cool kick ass tech stuff…


I have all 007 DVD disks bought for around US$160 when the 20-disk box set was first sold. :slight_smile: I also have them in DivX files and ripped DVD files.


cool and you’d rather be god? come on…you know that Bond is so much more the one to be…:wink:


And you think God needs that?


yeah …but god never picked up hot girls…either…

a god is not seen or heard…now what fun is that?


But if I (or you) would be God I would make sure people would see or hear me.