iuVCR - No picture in the preview screen




I’m trying to use the latest iuVCR ( for capturing VHS and for some reason there’s no picture in the preview screen, only sound. As a result the AVI created has no picture as well. I don’t have this problem in other capturing programs and I would like to get this fixed so I can see the quality of the videos I can get with iuVCR.
Thanks in advance for any tip on the matter.


Have you set the “capture pin”?


Thanks but haven’t seen this option anywhere in the program.
Care to be more specific?

Well, the problem was just solved :slight_smile:
Played with the options in “Channels” and suddenly a picture.
Hope you don’t mind it wasn’t exactly what you prescribed :slight_smile:

Well again, I’m back with apparently no picture where it realy counts…
I see picture in the preview but the moment I press the record button the picture disappears and then there’s no picture in the AVI as well.
What did you say about “capture pin”?


The computer I use for recording is currently down but I’ll try to explain as good as I can remember.
If you go to the Video tab you’ll find a few buttons which sets Recording Device, Preview Device etc, one if them is called crossbar pin or something like that. Try fiddling around with that one and also the Recording Properties (button).


I’m afraid you might be talking about a previous version. In the one I have (4.8.10), under Video tab, there’s only Crossbar and Crossbar2. I set in them the kind of cable I have, which is “Video composite in”. Ther’s TvAudio tab which doesn’t seem to be connected to this issue and there are Configuration tabs, none seem relevant.
As I said, in the Channels tab I can press one of the channels on the left to get the preview picture but it disappears when recording and so I’m still looking for a solution.
BTW, the Preview format tab under Video is greyed out in my case. Maybe it has something to do with the problem?


That’s odd, it has always worked like a charm when I’ve used it.
What capture card do you have?


I have the AIW 9000.
I did get this not very helpful answer from iuVCR staff:
“Please open the “Channels” tab. There you will able to see Svideo and
Composite inputs mapped to channels. Then adjust tv-standard,
brightness,contrast,hue and saturation for each “pseudo channel”
separately. I hope it must solve the problem.”
As I said, it works to get a preview picture but recording gives a pictureless video. Anyhow, I might have settled with another capturing program but it’s still uncertain so I’d still want to solve this issue.
Thanks again for trying to help.