Itunes wont see songs?

my daughter got a **** Ipod nano and now She has to use Itunes :frowning:

She got a new cd : “Jonas Brothers/Lines, Vines and Trying Times”
Tried riping the cd with itunes and it wont rip song 6 and song 10,
so, used cdex to rip the cd(riped all songs) and itunes still wont reconize song 6 and 10 ?

anyone know why not ??


Because Itunes is crap :wink:
After you rip the song as an MP3 to the HDD, you can drag & drop the songs into itunes.
If you want to maximise quality, you can rip the CD as WAV’s (uncompressed), drag & drop them into Itunes and then have itunes convert to an AAC version :wink:

well…you said itunes was crap…personaly…i dont think its that good.

but thanks for the advice on how to get song to it, it worked fine, thanks alot !