itunes+WMP can't recognise and play cd,but winamp can... :S

hi all,

i have been having this problem and have been ripping my hair out trying to find a way to fix it.

The problem is, that i put in a audio cd into my dvd drive(pioneer dvd-rw 107D), and WMP and itunes do not recognise it or play it. however, if i say play with winamp or want to rip it using dBpower amp, it recognises it and does everything that itunes/WMP would normally do!

please help! it’s really really anoying!

That is a software problem. Some bad software is locking these tools from seeing the media/content.

yeah, i kinda realised that. i used starforce nightmare and it disabled the cd, and when i tried 2 enable it again, it stopped reading audio cd’s.
im really confused as to what i can do to reverse it, bar re-installing everything which i have done already :S
please! if anyone has had the same problem! please help me! thanks for your post Chef!

I was having the same problem when I searched and saw this thread. My search turned up this link I turned off error correction on itunes by going to Edit->Preferences and picking the “Import” tab. It works for me now. I hope this helps because I was tearning my hair out too.

Yep, crappo itunes. :eek: