iTunes video streaming on the way?

I just posted the article iTunes video streaming on the way?.

Apple is working on a video streaming solution for people who don’t want to store the bulky files on their hard drives, an anonymous film industry source tells CNet.
We’re in borderline rumor…

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As long as its a subscription fee, then it would be something to take a second look at. If its pay-per-movie then it will be crap.

That depends. I believe at one point iTunes offered episodes of popular TV series (e.g. CSI) for one dollar. This is much cheaper than buying the ‘full season DVD box’ at the end of the season. What do you think the subscription fee should be then?

I think a subscription fee would be similar to netflix in terms of price. Of course, I think it would be Ok to offer different tiers. Like the lowest one would only allow so many movies/tv shows a month, etc. Just as long as the prices are competive, so $20-$25/month for unlimited seems about right.