iTunes ver 9 and external hard drive

I store all my music on an external hard drive. Since updating to version 9, I can no longer access my my music from ext hard drive.
I am not using a Mac.
Can anyone offer any suggestions or help?

So your iTunes Music folder is on the external HDD?..
Maybe this will help…Good luck!

I wish it was all that easy, but that doesn’t work either. It’s got something to do with the newest version.
My music is listed in folders by artist and the album and songs are within.
I never had this problem until I updated iTunes.

Sorry to hear, I would suggest you search the iTunes forum…I normally ONLY use iTunes to sync my POD…And yes, there are other apps to sync w/o iTunes…
FWIW, everything went fine for me, when updating to v9…Knock on wood:slight_smile: