ITunes user sues Apple over iPod



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GristyMcFisty & Feslmogh & RTV71 used our news submit to tell us that Thomas
Slattery a customer of the Apple iTunes music service is suing Apple

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Get real, it’s america. The land where you can sue because your getting obese because packets of cream cheese are too big and so your getting fat from them after you eat the whole packet and forget to actually move off your fat ass ever. If you can sue for crap like that and win, you can sue because you chose to use iTunes out of all the ones freely available to you and then are forced to use the player that they make as well. He probably just bought the songs from iTunes deliberately so he can take them to court and try sue them and get money for doing nothing - the great new american way - “dont work to get rich, just sue - its faster, easier and takes far less effort as well as not requiring any brains or hard work”


If he spent 0.00001% of the time researching his purchase as he did putting together this lawsuit, maybe this might not have happened. Expecting a corporation to save you from yourself is simply dumb.


All the hype surrounding the Ipod amazes me. It is a peice of shit. Get a Xclef HD-800.


That is so Gay… I’ve bought tunes from itunes… They allow you to burn to an audio CD… then i rip it back to MP3 what’s the issue with that? i’m sure i lose i tiny bit of quality on the recompression, but not enough to notice.


I hope he wins. You should own the music you buy. Lets say his Ipod battery craps out and he does not want to shell out the money to have them replace it. So he buys a different player but his songs won’t play on it. He bought the songs so he should be able to use them anyway he sees fit(aside from putting them on P2P). I’m sure the music industyr would love for him to have to purchase them all again. It’s this whole digital rights management crap and anything that brings to light th BS that they are pushing is good I think. Really he would be better off just getting his music of P2P or buying cds and ripping them. I can’t really think of a good reason to download songs from I tunes or any pay service due to all the restrictions.


Heck I do that all the time! He’s a geek wanta-be!


And I hope he loses. As mentioned by another, this idiot could have easily looked into the “restrictions” that music from iTunes employs and made a much more informed decision on whether to buy music the way he did or get it some other way. It is true from what Nila say, America is so “sue happy” that a lawsuit is “waiting around every corner” for those that set there mind to it. What’s really unfortunate is that these idiots that “clog the legal system” with their frivolous lawsuits ACTUALLY have a good chance of winning them. What the legal system needs is some “hard ass judges” to put there foot down and place a end to this nonsense and start having these idiots “foot the bill” when there attempts at trying to make easy money has been thwarted. I am in the process of a workmans comp suit because of a neck injury that I sustained while on the job (I was rear ended in a company vehicle by some guy going 50 MPH and I was going 3) and you should see the way that the state of California is attempting to screw me over. It seems like people who have honestly filed a claim are the one’s getting “dicked over” by all of this BS. Maybe if I was holding a hot cup of coffee when I was hit I could have sued Starbucks for not making there lids “impact resistant” and came out with a few million dollars richer. RoC


First off this has nothing to do with workmans comp, not even in the same boat. Second it was ok for 13 States to sue Microsoft for their product not playing nice with other products. It’s ok to sue microsoft when trillian, netscape, aol, adobe, or any other software product won’t work on windows OS, but it’s not ok to sue Itunes for not making their downloads compatible with others? I’m at a loss it’s ok to sue one company for doing this very same thing but not another? There is already precedence so he should win without any problem.


Oh yea, and lets not forget the EU who put a pretty stiff fine on MS for bundling things like Windows Media Player, this is the exact same type of situation.


Windows is designed as a platform to run third-party apps. The iPod is just another hardware device, like a printer manufacturer who doesn’t make their cartridges compatible with another manufacturer. Sure they all interface with software on some level, but they do their own thing, and might print best on their own papers. Should every DRM-based (WMA included) online music store be forced to open up their format because they’re using proprietary DRM technology? I don’t think so. Should the creators of CD and DVD technology, who collect royalties every time a blank disc is sold and hardware is manufactured, as well as collect hefty licensing fees for their proprietary formats, shut shop, because they aren’t playing nice with their competition, and made it very hard to share music and video on different devices for many years? Should they open up their formats and implement competitor specs? I don’t think so. Whether the consumer is dumb or smart enough to buy from them is another issue. There is no substitute for an educated shopper.


As long as Itunes clearly state that their service or files can only be used by ipod users, I have no problem with that. You wouldn’t buy a part for a Toyota and then complain that you can’t get to work in your Ford. If no indication of that before he signed up, I think he has a valid point.


“That is so gay”? Rest assured, gay people are plenty knowledgeable about technology. I don’t own an iPod (don’t see the point) but I’ve got two DVD burners and am a Microsoft Certified Professional. Irresponsible of the guy to sue, yeah. “Gay”, no. Remarks like “That is so gay” may not offend everyone, but they do offend some. “Gay” does not equal “conniving”, “underhanded”, or “manipulative” any more than “straight” does. Sorry about the lesson in respect, people.


“the great new american way - “dont work to get rich, just sue - its faster, easier and takes far less effort as well as not requiring any brains or hard work”” Blow yourself. This doesn’t describe all Americans. And this guy is a complete tool - maybe he should have thought of that before he used iTunes… I hate idiots.