iTunes services its billionth tune & shows no sign of slowing

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 When  Apple's iTunes service first launched in April 2003, it really showed off how  well a legal music download service can do despite the majority of music being  downloaded was from 'illegal'...
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So someone tell me how piracy is eroding their market share? 1 billion songs sold…means 1 billion in digital sales to Apple, and since Apple only gets what like 5 cents a song…you do the math on how much cash those rats at the RIAA got with Apple’s hard work!

hmm, interesting information, with sales of that level! Now since apple itunes, sales and royalty payments are completely supplied in digital form direct to the RIAA royalty payment scheme as per contracted requirements! Now, all we need, is a full independent audit of the RIAA books, to ascertain, how the royalty payments are disbursed, including all fees and charges, and including frequency of payments etc! Send in the independent AUDITORS! now, or if they refuse, I’m sure Eliot Spitzer and his all star investigation team, wouldn’t mind issuing subpeona’s for same, given his past successful strike rate, against the majors! :X