iTunes reinstall - do I have to?

I recently had to go through some un/reinstallation of nero and while I was at it also forcedAspi 1.7.

Now everytime I start iTunes, it bugs me to reinstall because I’ve installed “other disc burning software.” iTunes uses gearASPI to burn discs (which I will probably never use, I just get annoyed having to click on the error every time I start the prog). Is there anyway to trick iTunes into thinking all is good, or worst-case-scenario, re-install gearASPI?

Re-installing iTunes is not an option - that means re-updating my iPod with 65GB of music and video via USB 1.1 (a good 24 hours+). Don’t tell me to get USB 2.0 - we’ve filed for divorce and I’m never talking to that horrible PCI card ever again!


as Aspi is not needed on W2k and XP, just uninstall it. So there shouldn’t be any conflict with itunes.