iTunes Pass not a subscription service

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Apple’s latest iTunes feature is a bit of a gamble for those that sign up.
“iTunes Pass” will let users download anything that a particular band releases in a specific window of time. In…

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This seems like it will eventually be a rip-off. When a band comes out with a cd, that is usually all they do for like 2 years or so until their next cd. Maybe they will have a remix album of some sort. But not within 4 months (which looks like the time frame for this rip-off service) So really, you’re paying $18 for the CD, and some bonus songs, seems like a rip to me.

I’ll pass…

“’ Also, the files are DRM-free and encoded at 256 Kbps.”

Who would pay nearly $20 bucks for lossy music? That is a total and absolute rip-off. I can see paying that much for a early copy of a CD or a lossless version but lossy? Come on…

“The fair market value” of all this content, Apple says, will be greater than $18.99, so there’s no need to worry about getting ripped off."

I find this statement laughable. No wonder people download illegal copies. OMG, these guys live in their own little world.

shaolin007, i could not agree with you more on apple, i’m a huge fan of them and i know from persaonl experince they have the better OS but this $hit they do just tick me off to know end. My next mac will be a hackintosh cause i am SOOOOOOOOOOO sick of windows, and i absolutly Need itunes, and it runs like $hit in any version of windows.