iTunes Music Store passes 250 million mark

I just posted the article iTunes Music Store passes 250 million mark.

GristyMcFisty used our news submit to tell us that Apple has reached
the 250 million song download milestone, with daily music downloads hitting
1.25 million a day. Steve Jobs…

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allright! 250 million songs you can only play on an Ipod or shuffle! 250 million reasons while the music industry just don’t get it. I want to buy downloads and do as I please with them as far as playing them with any player I want. If my Ipod craps out well I’ll have to buy a new one. Don’t fall for this crap buy your music elsewhere or buy the cds and rip them and put on your ipod pr whatever other player you have or get in the future.:r

Yeah, but most people are not informed enough that they are restricted with what they can do. When their Ipod or CD breaks after awhile, they find that the DRM won’t let them make another copy, and they are unable to use their music. iTunes doesn’t care anymore snce you already bought an ipod and $$$ of music.