Itunes music files

I have been given a CD by my friend of a few files that she downloaded from iTunes music store. When I try to copy them to my itunes library it says I can’t because they are protected. Is there any way in which I can convert them into another format, or remove the protection, and then import it into my iTunes library?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Ummm… from what i have learnt about itunes, this is completely legal, so im going to help… id imagine its a burnt cd, that you can play in your cd player, so rip with windows media player into an mp3 format. Then import --> then select the folder

If its a data file, just try to open the file directly from the cd.

If the cd is drm crippled, there is not much you can do.

Ya just copy them off the cd. Then use Tunebite to turn them into a mp3 or wav.
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Yea, as long as your running Windows Media player 9 or later just rip the files from the cd to your hard drive and there you have it.

If it’s a data CD & the file type is .m4a you’ll need your friend to reburn it as an audio CD which shouldn’t have any copy protection.