ITunes - MPEG to AAC Question


I have a number of songs on my Itunes that are described as MPEG Audio Files.

When I right click on these songs I am given the option to " Convert Selection to AAC"

Is this recommended? Is AAC a better format than MPEG?

Thanks :slight_smile:

They are probably .mp3 files, which are MPEG1 Layer III audio. Are you able to see what the file extension is to confirm this?

Anyway you can convert them to AAC (Advanced Audio Codec), but you’ll lose some information in the process. The advantage of AAC will usually only be heard when making the conversion from the original, full-resolution source audio (eg CD).

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AAC is better than MP3, but converting from one to the other can’t make it sound any better – only worse.

On top of that, there aren’t many MP3 players, DVD players, etc. that can play AAC, but most can play MP3. So you have to ask yourself, “is it really worth it to limit my freedom and make my music sound worse, just to save a little hard drive space?”