iTunes movies require HDCP monitor on new MacBooks

I just posted the article iTunes movies require HDCP monitor on new MacBooks.

Now that you are the proud owner of the latest MacBook, you go on iTunes, purchase a movie and during the download, prepare a large bowl of popcorn and power up the projector for the big screen,…

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Just in time for the Holidays, the gift that keeps on giving - DRM!!

This is what the iTards get for buying from apple. Hilarious.

Gotta love Apple! Don’t you just feel just “cool” for buying one? See, if the guy would of got a PC and had something like AnyDVDHD and a Bluray movie, this wouldn’t of been an issue. Long live Apple and their sycophants who buy into their bilge.

I moved from Linux because this DRM nonsense was EVERYWHERE! ON linux Everything I did was monitored and restricted! Now on my aPple and mAcbOok, i’m really free to use my computer how I want.

Oh wait.


Man…I can see the lawsuits on this one.

Of course you can also boot into XP and play the movie…
Hmm… choice!

Hm. DRM makes sense to a certain degree, but the producers of the copyrighted material need to seriously rethink how they’re going about it. All they’re doing is erecting a great wall on the thin line between those who don’t own the content (but want to) and the content itself. Times like these, it’s no surprise that the number of people utilizing legitimate p2p protocols for illicit purposes is skyrocketing.


I’m feeling better and better about my decision to buy a 4th gen Macbook Pro on the cheap rather than the new unibody. :slight_smile:

I think this article pretty much sums it up… :bigsmile:

Ok…I def think this has to do with the Movie Studios and NOT Apple. (Before going in def…I am not an Apple fan at all…so no bias here)

The same thing is happening with Netflix & Xbox 360. It has to do w/ Digital connections.

If you are running a digital connect w/ 360, then the hardware has to be HDPC Compliant (E.G. HDMI) If you are running ANALOG (E.G. RGB/VGA) the content will work w/ non-HDPC hardware.

I believe this is the same case w/ Apple. I’m not sure about the specs of their new hardware (I’m guessing the output is only DVI (Digital) so it will only work on HDPC devices)

If there is an Analog output (VGA), can somone post and let us know if those movies work on that output.