'iTunes most popular online movie store'

[LEFT]Apple shows its power by dropping some numbers in one of their official statements. Company reports show that iTunes is the world’s most popular online movie store with more than 50,000 movie rentals and sales every day. With a total of 2,000 movies in its catalog Apple shows people don’t mind to buy and rent content online.

Besides these high numbers Apple said that customers have already bought more than 5 billion songs on iTunes. High sales for both movies and albums show that many consumers don’t mind to pay if they feel the content offered is worth the dollar. There must be a good reason behind iTunes’ success, aside from just being hip and goodlooking.

Many will give the iPod most of the credit since this successful MP3-player easily attained an important market share in the mobile-music-player market. In several articles you can read about Apple’s success and is referred to their innovative style of working. User-experience seems to be the most important for the company. “Apple is a company that takes complex technology and makes it easier and simpler to use,” Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, already said in 2005.

Is this the way of thinking that made iTunes the most popular online movie store? It’s not easy to say, but I think many agree when saying iTunes is not the most user-friendly application out there. Apple’s iTunes’ success is probably not based on Jobs’ earlier statement, but on its great success with online music sales.

This experience must’ve worked when attaining this new position in movie land.


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