I have a 5th GEN 80GB iPod.

I would not say a proud apple owner, given all the problems I’ve had over the years with the device apparently overheating ,then shut itself off while playing in a JBL soundstage speaker thang, (could have been the JBL, (but they insisted it’s not them, it’s the ipod) as well as the music library in my itunes on the computer suddenly disappearing.

I have XP Home SP3. I installed the itunes software in my primary boot hard C:drive, and kept all my music in my second internal F: drive. I’ve always had all my (mp3) music ripped from all my old tapes, CD’s and online purchased tunes on my computer, in a music folder.

When I bought this 5th GEN ipod, I installed iTunes on this computer, opened itunes, up and created about ten playlists, then methodically dragged each genre from my music list folder into the specific genre playlist into itunes…follow so far?

So the bad thing for me was, that every time I changed anything at all (date, mis-spelled word, wrong artist, etc.,) to one or more songs in my Music folder, when I opened itunes up, there would be a yellow exclamation next to any of those ‘corrected’ songs, then I would have to Double-Click on it, then LOCATE, to put it back into itunes again.

Last night, after buying four Mp3 songs from Amazon, which automatically opens up itunes to place them there, I noticed all my playlists ands songs were GONE! GONE! GONE!

For some reason, I thought by downloading Gizmo which restores itunes music back into itunes from my ipod would work, but it simply placed all the music into my itunes/itunes media/music folder on the C: drive which was filling up the 74GB drive, and ALL my music was close to that size.

So I uninstalled Gizmo, created another MY MUSIC>ITUNES MEDIA>MUSIC in my F:Drive (500GB) then changed the directory output in my itunes music in itunes Preferences to this location on nthe F Drive.

So is it crazy that I have two sets of music on my computer? About 38 GB of regular Mp3 songs, then another 37.2 GB in my itunes music directory?

I keep those regular songs in there for backup, in case this happens again. So now, I also see exclamation marks in hundreds of songs in the itunes library, which, SORRY, apple seems to think I have all kinds of EXTRA time going back and LOCATING each and everyone of those darkened checked songs! Crazy!
Does anyone with itunes have two sets of folders for music…main Music folder, and also itunes library folder? Or primarily, just the music in the itunes. I listen to my music in WINAMP, not itunes when I’m by the computer, preference I guess.

Thanks for any light on this subject.


I listen to my music in WINAMP, not itunes when I’m by the computer

Well I have ‘i’-Nothing but have to ask, why don’t you just let WinAmp sync your i-Pod?