iTunes dominating the music market, but Android is a threat

iTunes dominating the music market, but Android is a threat.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Apple iTunes has increased its lead in the U.S. music distribution market, but expects an interesting battle from the Google Android Music store.

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Apple runs iTunes with a small profit over a break-even position - they don’t do it to dominate the music industry, but they do it so there’s media to put into the iPods, iPhones, and iPads they sell which is where they make much of their profit.

Heck, the iPod and ITMS originally appeared because no one was playing nice with Mac users back in the early days of digital music - and Apple in their usual way figured music players were too complicated and in their usual way strove to “fix” the “broken” way that music players operated at that time.

If it were Microsoft, they’d be trying to sew up the market and kill their competitors - but I really don’t think Apple cares where you buy your music, as long as you’re putting it on an iPod.

I guess we’ll find out later this fall . . .