iTunes does not recognize PX-708UF under MAC OS 9.1



My px-708uf is connected via firewire to a G3 Power Mac with OS 9.1. It burns CDs fine with the included Roxio 5, but itunes won’t recognize it, even if I disable the toast FW driver, itunes keeps looking for my old SCSI burner.

How can I get iTunes to recognize and use the PX-708UF under Mac OS 9.1 ?


wasn’t this already posted by someone else and you gave a solution?


This is under MAC OS 9.1, the other Thread is under Mac OSX (Unix system), thats a totally different systems


why is the question worded almost exactly the same save for the OS version and SCSI instead of USB?


iTunes under MacOS will only recognize Apple “branded” drives (aka crippled drives); in OS X there is a way to add unsupported drives by editing some file I don’t really remember now; I never heard of a fix for 9.1, but I suspect it must be difficult to achieve since I have the feeling that the supported drives list is hard-coded in iTunes itself, and doesn’t depend on an external file… just my 2 cents.


i don’t think this pgs character is legit…but i also don’t think iTunes ONLY recognizes apple branded drives.


Also none-Apple drives work sometimes, if you change the Authoring support files accordingly.
I did that for my Plextor SCSI drive 12/10/32s by changing the Plextor Authoring support file to the exact drive name and it is working fine in iTunes, but it does not work for the PX-708UF drive.
Anyone having a solution for this technical problem and does not care about my wordings etc. is welcome to reply, that I can solve this issue. I think this is mainly a board for technical issues.
thanks :a


check the plextor site…

posted 1/27 - Mac OS X and 9 firmware updates available.


I :sad: have updated recently the firmware to latest rev. 1.08, still is not working under OS 9.1.


Is Patchburn a way??


1.09 is the latest.


Sorry, but 1.08 is the latest, not 1.09, see:


No, drpino is correct, 1.09 is the latest, see here.


thanks GF.


thanks for that info. I have upgraded to 1.09, but its still not working under OS 9, als patchburn runs only under mac os x.

I need a modified authoring support file for the PX-708 UF, doeas anyone have this ?