iTunes burning CD issue

Hello cdfreaks… I am having a problem burning music CDs on my Dell Inspiron 5150 using iTunes. I put a blank CD in the driver and at first it all looks like it is working until iTunes doesn’t seem to recognize the cd and cancels the burning action… iTunes performed some kind of check up on my system and told me (a window opened giving me the result of their “inspection”) that iTunes is not recognizing the cd and I might need an update for my ATA bus driver from Dell. I did a search online on the Dell support website for download of this ATA update but I got a whole list of ATA related downloads and I don’t know which one to pick - if any! FYI: my computer is 2 years old and is equipped with Window XP professional. Help would be very much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Every time I use the dell support site, I put in my serial number for my pc, and it only brings up downloads specific to my actual pc. Have you tried that?