iTunes breaks the 100 millionth tune download barrier

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 iTunes has now served over 100 million songs since its launch May last  year.  The 100 millionth  song was downloaded by aUS user Keven  Britten of Hays, Kansas (a  midwestern US...
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They are both completely closed systems. One is not more or less closed than the other. They both require a particular version of their closed media player. If you are saying that Microsoft’s solution will not be able to be run on a Mac then you are correct. Fans of the Mac are not going to be using this service. (Big shocker there) Microsoft would be stupid to write a Mac client. Just not enough bang for the buck…

Sorry, I meant ‘more’ closed rather than ‘move’ closed (darn MS Word’s auto-correction). While both are closed to specific software, it will be a pain that one must have both Windows XP and upgrade to the upcoming Windows Media Player 10 just to use it. I doubt the high population of 98/ME/2000 users are going to fork out for Windows XP (and a PC upgrade to run this beast) just to use their new shiny Janus based player. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that the figures speak from themselves. No matter what you think about iTunes, it’s a good business model that shows if you keep things simple, people will use it. You have to remember that probabally a large majority of their user base are novices at PC’s (or Mac’s), and Apple know this and monopolise it better than any other online MP3 store. A simple “This tune will cost you XXX” and “Push this button to download it to your iPod” is a lot better than “Buy 10 and get the next 1 free, as long as it’s from this limited selection, oh and you need to download this, this and this to be able to play it and this, this and this to get it on your MP3 player”