iTunes alternative DoubleTwist gets a boost from T-Mobile

iTunes alternative DoubleTwist gets a boost from T-Mobile.

[newsimage][/newsimage]DoubleTwist, a multimedia manager and player that looks an awful lot like iTunes, is getting a hand from T-Mobile, which will include an installer for the software in at least one Android phone.

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Looks good, I’m downloading now. I’m glad everything is starting to open up to where you don’t have to rely on one company. Actual competition lol.

Another good iTunes alternative is GT-iMedia. It is strictly iPod/iPhone, but has extra bits like cd ripping, tagging, lyrics, etc.

Thanks for the share!

I believe that the Tmobile version blocks access to the Amazon MP3 store…

Yep – that’s noted in the story. Of course you can always just download the software from the Internet and have the MP3 store included.

Tried the software and it only detected one song track in each of my album folders, so it looks like it still has some bugs.