iTunes a hit in Japan, 1 million downloads in first few days



I just posted the article iTunes a hit in Japan, 1 million downloads in first few days.

 Apples  iTunes digital music service has already surpassed 1 million downloads since  it's debut last Thursday in Japan. Calling the acceptance a "huge success"  Apple's Steve Jobs can add...
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Paying for compressed music is plain stupid. Apple should sell music in Apple lossless format, then let people make their own CDs and MP3s from them. And I don’t care if they DRM them as long as the DRM works on every device you own. (but now it does not)


I’d love to see anyone but Microsoft being the defacto standard. I’m not saying Steve Jobs is a better person then Bill Gates… But I’d rather the world was not ruled by just 1 person or company.


Yes its called IRiver and its various MP3 players which make IPoo look like a closed system. Further, its more stylish, cheaper, no DRM, some play video/jpgs, etc etc. Anything but rotten Apples.