iTunes 4.7.1 finds unlocked music and puts the DRM back on

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 Several  months ago, the Hymn Project went into development in an aim to unlock music purchased from  iTunes                    in order to give the customer the freedom to play their  music on...
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some nasty work by apple, and its only time that this will be cracked again.

And if you rename the track to something other than the original, iTunes will automatically revert the filename back to what it was. And why not? YOU don’t own those little chunks of 1’s and 0’s, you… you YOUNG people. It’s time you learnt to share ownership of your PC with the older and wiser music industry. This isn’t about intrusive acts on personal reights and privacy, it’s about building relationships. It’s not Malware, it’s a safety net. Let US help YOU avoid unintended DRM infringement and be better citizens. Let us work together to put the IT back into communITy. It’s not Digital Rights Management. It’s Digital Rights Morality. Join your fellow Americans and put morality front and center in your daily life, expecially when surfing the internets. Respect DRM, and build a better republic.

Go with IRIVER it will take anything you throw at it and it sounds dam good in my Truck via optical out and is very easy to operate.mp3,wav,ogg vor wma and has a fm tuner to and a leather case included:S

So how much longer till they tell you what to speak and what to think? If you buy something and you no longer own it, and you can not do whateve ryou want with it, then are you really buying the product? I would surely think not. This just goes to show how far up the RIAA’s holes Apple has got their lips. DRM is nothing more then a control factor, how much longer till you have to start paying to listen to songs you had already paid for, how much longer till you are no longer allowed to even lend out a book you bought? Free flow of inforation will never occur as long as the RIAA thinks that everyone must adhere to their rules and their way of thinking. Let the dinosaurs die, once enough morons (non tech savy people who only know how to turn on a computer) who own these things and start complainig, I am sure all these great DRM things will go away. I bet GW can’t even figure out DRM on his iPod

Ipod is over hyped crap.

TT111: I firmly agree! I bought a MPIO HD300 from Best Buy, upgraded the firmware and now I have a player that beats IPod hands down. My MPIO will play MP3, WAV, WMA, and OGG no problem. What’s more the the device itself is 100% more solid in it’s construction and it has a FM. Just curious, Does the iRiver have the ability to record voice, line input or FM broadcast? If it can, it would rival my MPIO. :wink:

Oh for crying out loud people. When is everyone going to get a clue? Quit buying music!!! The whole reason the music industry (or hardware makers in alliance with them) can keep doing these things is that people keep buying it! They THINK they own the rights to the file you bought. They THINK they can tell you when, where, or on what device you can play it. Eventually people are going to get fed up with DRM and start turning to non-label artists.

LMAO. That’ll teach them a lesson for trying to be legal and paying for music. 1. They have to pay for the music 2. It wont let them listen to it where they want 3. It keeps trying to control what they can and cant do without even telling you. with that lovely p2p you get. 1. Free music 2. You can put it wherever u want and listen to it however you want. 3. Can use any software I want to manage and organise it and it doesn’t play with my files at all. Lets summaries: iTunes - Costs me money to be told what I can and cant do and gives me music in a propriatory format that I cant listen to on my mp3 player or put on an mp3 cd to listen to in my car cd player. p2p - for free, I get any music I want, I have the control over it and I decide what I do with it or what I listen to it on. Hmm - let me rush out and pay for music!! Yes please, I’ll bend over too and apply the lube, just slide it right on in there!

I checked one iRiver player - the iFP790 and it plays MP3, WMA, ASF, OGG and FM-Radio. It can also record from FM Radio, Line In, Internal mic and External mic. :wink: My MP3 player (few year old Ministry of Sound player) can also record from various sources, but very seldom use the recording features. Sometimes I capture a clip of a song I like on the radio and look up the lyrics on the net to get the artist and song title since the radio DJ’s here ususally don’t mention the songs they play.

seems to me a simple way around the I tunes problem would be to usa a program like total recorder. Of course if you have a crap load of music from Itubes then that would be a major pain. I am sure however that the new Ipod shuffle will be able to play music you got from I tunes. I think this might be part of Apples plan to grab the flash mp3 player market. I would never take a 400 dollar hd mp3 player jogging or biking since you could fall and there goes 400 bucks out the window. I take my cheap 40 dollar 64 mblyra player(with a 128mb sd card) when I bike. If it rains so what, if I crash and it breaks well I’m out 40 bucks only. Now apple can capture the mp3 flash player market as well. By the way I would never buy any music with drm and anyone that does gets what they deserve.:d

  1. Convert Tracks To Audio CD 2. Rip Tracks To MP3, Ogg, ect. 3. Transfer to portable device. How hard can that be?!? :frowning:

My thoughs, I have a 32x CD-RW, I just burn-n-rip with all DRM forms that allow burning, whats the problem?

I have a rule… I will either “steal” or “buy” - whichever is more convenient for me. If they make it EASY for me to find the music i want and allow me to listen to it on my own terms. Yes… i have both bought and stole music recently

Did anyone ever problems like this with mp3’s? No! Did anyone ever have problems like this when they bought a CD-A…no! So stick to them!

Well the CD-RW burn & rip trick may work well if you wish to convert tracks to MP3, but for those who wish to keep the original AAC track’s quality such as for an AAC compatible portable player, burning DRM AAC to CD and ripping back into AAC results in lost quality (double lossy conversion)

Geeze, I’m glad I just use where you can choose what file you want (mp3, what quality and codec/ AAC / WMA) and its only one penny per meg - remember to click on the english button in the corner and use the download manager.

well, if Joe User can swallow lossy compression without realising he’s getting less for the same or more cost, and if he can swallow DRM with it, he can surely swallow this latest iTunes update :slight_smile: Keep 'em coming, Apple. 10 million iPods sold…they see no reason to stop.

I’ve read bad reviews about IRiver.

I have an iRiver H140 40GB player which is great (If not perfect)! Plays MP3, WAM, WAV, Ogg! Battery life of about 16 hours. Optical line in and out. FM Tuner. Recording ability. Oh and Rockbox are working on porting their marvelous firmware to it. :slight_smile: