iTune Batch Converter

I have been getting lots of iTunes songs BUT I don’t like this new horrible iTune file format. I can slowly convert every file using the inbuilt MP3 encoder in that goddamn awful iTunes but since I have 100’s of tunes this will take ages. :a

Is there a simple batch conversion that will convert all these tunes unattended into the standard MP3 format, so then I can make a standard MP3 CD, that I can play in my car and DVD Player?!?!?!? :rolleyes:

with itunes u can pass all files to mp3.
choose import and then mp3 encodar
u can also use DBpoweAmp to convert every type of audio (almost any)
i hope this help you.

Horrible? As in sound quality or compatiblity w/ your MP3 CD player?

Well I couldn’t be bothered converting them all. I estimated that converting FIVE DVD-R full of iTunes would take about 5 days of MP3 encoding and completely tie up my computer in the process…SO STUFF THAT LAMEASS IDEA!!!

Plus I was running the old version of WinAMP (pre version 5) which didn’t understand the M4P iTunes format unless I installed a 3rd party plug-in. So reluctantly I upgraded to the latest WinAMP 5, which means that I can simply make any of these iTunes songs as WAV…convert them to a redbook audio CD or encode them to MP3…without having to use some other application or rely on that goddamn awful iTunes software.

The best part was uninstalling ITunes!!!

\o/ <---- w00000t!!!

did that actually work - what about the copy protection?

hey theres a proggie called iFree that’ll remove the protection on iTune songs… you could try that out… although i dunno where we can find it… doesn’t seem to be up anymore…