Itty bitty question


Short story.

DL layer disc…wasted because of crc errors on files burned.

+rw disc, crc errors on the first time the files were burned (but disc was already used several times) but worked ok after trying again.

now, my question when one gets crc errors on file burned to a dvd, where could possibly be the problem? on the disc itself or maybe should change the ata cable or something else?

Thanks for any help that can be given.

maybe a connection problem or your harddrive is too much fragmented.
a defrag may help.

Firstly, what media are you using?
It’s the most common problem …

“I bought this media from ebay/swap meet/suspicious guy in a trench coat standing on the corner/ (insert other hilarious circumstance here) for 2c a disk & the burns are always bad! Do I need a new burner?”

Assuming you aren’t the person in the above circumstance … it could also happen for any of the following.

  1. UDMA is turned off
  2. Ide Driver corruption/ not working
  3. Burning Program Issue
  4. Aspi layer corruption
  5. IDE cable not connected firmly.
  6. IRQ conflicts.
  7. Burner broken
  8. CPU overheating
  9. RAM not installed firmly, or faulty
  10. IDE cable too long, hence signal degradation.
  11. IDE cable broken.

This list is by no means comprehensive … but you can start at the top :wink:

HD fragmentation should not make resultant DVD/CD’s unreadable, because that’s what Buffers & Burn-proof are for. However, some people have experienced higher PI/PIF on badly fragmented drives.

But hell, defrag that HD, it’s free & painless :wink:

I think you covered it ALL. :bigsmile: OMG…

Most probably media causing this. Try again with some other media.

Well, I burned several dvd+r media (mitsubishi) already so, yes, probably it was the media (some ridata dl and +rw).

thank you all.