It's wednesday and everybody gets MS tuesday updates



Well almost right on time MS and it’s second tuesday of the month punches out it’s latest updates. The first was a new version of the valid tool. No problem there as I bought my XP disc. The updates were a new malious softwart tool. Also no problem. The other three were 2 updates to outlook which I don’t use and an update to excel which i maybe use once a year.
Kind of week given the other problems the os suffers from. Oh well :eek:


Yes, it once tried to delete my Firefox. Since then I will never install any antivirus-antispyware program from MS, even if it is free.


Take the opportunity to install the latest version of firefox :slight_smile:

I suspect that WinXP is getting awfully close to the end of the 5yr maintenance program that M$ defined a few years ago.
/me wonder whether they will immediately obsolete WinXP when they release Vista, or whether they will violate their own maintenance contract & keep up mainteance thereby compromising the integrity of their statements forever :slight_smile:


Glad you mentioned that. While it never deleated anything I don’t think ill ever give it a chance again. Can Microsoft ever be trusted again. I doubt it. What I have works just fine and I don’t need anymore updates. They can throw their collective brains at Vista but that’s not likley to show up here any time soon.