It's that time of year again folks!

It’s that time of year again folks where as little as a month after I burned my optical media, I have to reburn them due to failed and unreadable discs.

So since I’ve finally used up my BulkPAQ media, which was a huge mistake purchase (because an essential recording from the TV corrupted within the month, one disc from a 4-Part recording) I would like to get some quality DVD-R and CD-R media which will last me for years to come.

Here’s where you come in, members of MyCE! I would like some advice what media to get.

BUT, there is a catch, to set some basic requirements. These discs must be relatively cheap (But not throwaway cheap, or your-data-is-doomed-within-the-month cheap), and have a known dye formula (which would be lovely if you could post it on here! :P)

Lastly, since this is for crucial media ideally, I will only buy in relatively small quanities, perhaps 20 at the most of both CD-R and DVD-R mixes.

One final thing, I know Taito Yuden are the dog’s bollox in the media market with Verbitim following close behind, can anyone recommend some cheap as chips media that is quality without getting into the nasty brands, like Memosux - Er, I mean Memorex?

Verbatims have my support with their Azo technology, Amazon are doing a pack for their Vinyl series at £3.21 at the moment in slim cases, inc. free delivery :slight_smile: Datawrite Titaniums are an absolute no no for my burner. Arita and often Supermarket branded discs I’ve been told to stay away from, as do Memorex. :slight_smile:

Cheers fellas!

Even Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim media is cheap these days (excepting special purpose media) and cannot always be trusted 100% - I wouldn’t touch the noname ultracheap media with a ten-foot pole.

Forget about getting ultracheap media and buy some reasonable quality media like Verbatim or JVC = Taiyo Yuden if you care even a little bit about what you burn, and if you want to archive something, use at least two different types of media.