It's official (Finally!): PX760 in April 2006!

Look Here:

OR Here:

Interesting :iagree: even the price (about 100 euro)

2MB buffer? is that enuff?

why not 8MB?

Most DVD burners out there have 2MB buffers, so it must be enough.

Interesting, I wonder if Plextor North America is going to release the Px 755A at the same time?

I think Plextor USA is going to skip the 755A completely, but that’s just my opinion.

It would make sense if Plextor just skipped the PX-755 in the States, especially considering the suggested retail price of the PX-760 is $119 (according to

However, it really begs the question, why did they release the PX-755 at all? Was there really that much demand in Europe for a PX-716 replacement?

am I the only one thats not too excited? I was hoping their next drive would have dvd-ram or lightscribe.

Well their recent drive does support DVD-Ram See Dee-27’s review. Yeah I know it’s not a real Plextor, I also suspect that they will have Lightsrcibe or Label Flash of some sort but it will probably be a rebadged drive as well. Just guessing of course.:wink:

That could it be, cause hardcore plextor fans expected the 760, then came the delay and plextor said ok we’re givin the guys a new toy but only without 18x writing just to be satisfied. Just a simple marketing strategy.

And then, the drive turned out to be sabotaged :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t we know that the 755 indeed IS the 760 just with a modified bezel saying 755?
They just removed 18x capability in firmware.

The 755 certainly is the 760 as it was planned to be indroduced in October '05 (without 18x). But somehow i doubt that the 760 of today is the same as the 760(755) of October.

The fact that Plextor didn’t simply release the 760 back in October and offered 18x via firmware-update later on but decided to limit this drive to 16x and call it 755 points to a bigger problem than merely needing time for tweaking a writing strategy for 18x IMHO.

But to tell, someone will have to open up both drives and do a closer comparison of the hardware. I wouldn’t be surprised if the 760 used a different PUH. if this was true i’d be the main point of interest of this drive. If the PUH used gives an accuracy that allows for acceptable 18x writing the writing quality at slower speeds should profit from it as well.

Yesterday, I received mail from Plextor Direct Shop. PX-760A will be out at the end of February in Japan. PX-716SA is still unknown.


I must get one…i can control my impulsive option of geting good burners… :bigsmile:


i think that’s because the sanyo chip has a built-in 2mB buffer (not sure that chip has an external memory interface or not)

the spec stated that there is a hardware difference between 755 & 760; 760 has a more advanced tilt compensator (not sure 755 has one or not…though i think it has)

my main concern is lack of pxscan support on 755 & 760; i think plextools xl should be free & they should open up the interface.

hopefully 760a does well, but i am not really optimistic at this point

it seems like 760a is coming to bestbuy us by early march

The release date for Japan is end of February
for the US it is going to be April
Does anybody know for sure the date for Europe ?


The release date for Europe probably will be middle/end of March…

Little update:
I’ve got the information a few minutes ago from plextor europe, it seems that the 760 would be available in europe/beginning march!