It's My Birthday!

40 years old today!
Now what to do?

Get laid? Drink a lot? Visit your imaginary girlfriend? Post another useless post? Buy a new computer? …

So much to do and so little birthdays left :wink:

Congratz :smiley:

Congratz !

Where’s the beer ?

Since Mr. B already asked for the beer… where’s the cake? :slight_smile:

btw, have a nice bday!


congrats,where is the party…i mean beer and food

(:stuck_out_tongue: are you the oldest in here???)

The oldest here???:confused: :confused: :confused:
:stuck_out_tongue: I would have guessed some of these fuddy duddy admins or mods were much older than me!:stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t feel bad, I’ve been 40 for 6 months now…

Happy birthday… sucker!


Thanks, i’m feeling very young now…thanks again!

And ofcourse happy birthday gramps:bigsmile:


congratz now up to the 41 :stuck_out_tongue: