It's my birthday! Yay!

Yay! I’m a whopping 28 years old today! I had a good birthday, because my husband got me exactly what I wanted: a Nintendo DS handheld video game system. He lied to me for two months about it, had already bought it, and I had been sleeping two feet away from it the whole time! So, I opened my gift, gave him a great big kiss, and then we went out to the used video game store, and stocked up on all the games I had been dying to play! Sweet!

I usually don’t give a crap about my birthday, but this one was very enjoyable… :iagree: See you guys later! I’m off to play some Trauma Center: Under the Knife!


Happy Birthday!!

Full Moon And All-eh!!


happy Bday! looks like hobbs is doing the happy dance also, or being chased by bees

Happy Birthday!!

Bithdays are great have as many as you CAN! :clap:

Happy Birthday (fijne verjaardag!)

I love you guys! Thank you! :flower: And yes, it was interesting to have a full moon on my birthday…people get so weird on the full moon! :rolleyes:

GAME ON!!! :smiley: Play nice now you birthdaygirly :slight_smile:

Happy birthday, enjoy the DS!

Happy Birthday girlie!!! I bet you were excited to get that handheld…i love my PSP…and just so ya know i’m close behind ya …and i’ll be 28 in a few weeks!!!

Happy birthday. I wish you good health and a lot of luck in your life. :flower:

Happy birthday :clap:

|-|@ppy B1rt|-||)@y (happy birthday in 1337)

Happy birthday Mephisto! Um, spelled it wrong again. Happy birthday Maphisto!
Will you celebrate your 28th birthday next year too, as our dominatrix Dee? :smiley:

My gift to you!

Happy belated birthday xxxx
catching me up fast lol

Happy birthday

I’m 27 every year :stuck_out_tongue: it says so on my nick

Oh, I thought this thread were for Wes… guess you are twins. :bigsmile:

Happy birthday. :slight_smile: