It's me again with another question ;-)

As you might know I’m having touble getting the client to work at my workaddress. But now I’ve read this in the help file of distributor:

  1. Download the client and install it on the laptop.
  2. Set a “Checkpoint file” on the laptop (for example, use ckpoint.cp) (beware, the client will only accept 1000 total blocks)
  3. Stop the Networked client.
  4. Use the networked client to fetch a fresh buff-in.rc5
  5. MOVE the buff-in.rc5 to floppy.
  6. Start the Networked Client again.
  7. Sneakernet the floppy to the laptop.
  8. Stop the Laptop client.
    9. Copy the buff-in.rc5 from floppy to laptop checkpoint file. (copy a:\buff-in.rc5 c:\dnet\ckpoint.cp)
  9. MOVE buff-out.rc5 from laptop to floppy.
  10. Start the Laptop client. (It will import the ckpoint.cp into its buff-in)
  11. Sneakernet the floppy to the networked machine.
  12. Stop the Networked client.
  13. Flush the Networked client.
  14. MOVE the buff-out.rc5 from floppy to networked machine.
  15. Start the Networked client
  16. Repeat.

Only nr 9. doesn’t work… But the cruncher is working now: client for Win32 Copyright 1997-2000,
Please visit for up-to-date contest information.

dnetc v2.8007-458-CTR-00021307 for Win32 (WindowsNT 5.0).
Please provide the entire version descriptor when submitting bug reports.
The bug report pages are at
Using email address ( ID) ‘’

[Jun 14 06:44:43 UTC] Automatic processor detection found 1 processor.
[Jun 14 06:44:43 UTC] Automatic processor type detection found
an Intel Celeron-A processor.
[Jun 14 06:44:43 UTC] RC5: using core #2 (RG class 6).
[Jun 14 06:44:43 UTC] Loaded RC5 4*2^28 packet ACED9453:C0000000 (15.70% done)
[Jun 14 06:44:43 UTC] 187 RC5 packets (658 work units) remain in buff-in.rc5
[Jun 14 06:44:43 UTC] 0 RC5 packets (0 work units) are in buff-out.rc5
[Jun 14 06:44:43 UTC] 1 cruncher has been started.

Can I at the end of the day copy the buff-out.rc5 to my floppy and flush it at home (after aoff course first flushing the buff-out.rc5 of my home address)? Or do i still have to use the cp file, which i don’t understand… Please advise someone

Hey… just took a look at the standings and I’m not last anymore place 114 (of 121)



I’m not sure but i think it would work, you could try it and see if your stats are updated. Just copy to your dnetc dir, first of course flushing or copying the other buff-out.rc5 !

Sorry i could not help more.

Jippie it has worked Yesterday I was at place 54. And Overall 112. Didn’t use the checkpoint though

Chack this:

Date Blocks
14-Jun-2000 102
13-Jun-2000 44
10-Jun-2000 4
9-Jun-2000 11
7-Jun-2000 4

Great, now I can start to compete to enter the top 30

Badtobone, thanks anyway