Its Impossible!

I hhave wasted 50cds on MEDAL OF HONOR PACIFIC ASSUALT any ideas on how to burn this game, my burners are listed below… the clonecd profile protected games does not work at all…

When using CloneCD, make sure you have the latest version (v5.1.00) and have the “hide cdr media” option enabled in the taskbar.

Have you tried using alcohol 120% with your old Plex 8x drive - should be able to make a working backup with no problems, as long as it is new enough to write in RAW mode! :slight_smile:

If that doesn’t work, have you tried alcohol 120% - using your Toshiba drive to read at 4x speed and your plex premium to write at 4x speed? (try writing with safedisc & safedisc 2/3 settings)

did you alcohol 120% worked for me

MOH:PA is a DVD game right?

it can be a dvd game but i have the cd version
CD 1986 i did have cd-r on and yes i tried all the drives with it any possible way i could think of. So are there any settings i should use to burn it in alc120 besides the profiles?
i baraley ever use alc buut i do have it along w/ BW5.

I’d read the drive with the Toshiba at 1x with with fast-error skipping DISABLED and regular error skipping enabled. It will take hours to read. Then I’d burn it with the Plextor SCSI drive at the lowest speed you can write. You can do this with either Alcohol or CloneCD.

If this doesn’t work, then I don’t know what will.

I hope this helps.

revgen that sounds like a round about way… doesnt seem to work

i know this is a bit off topic but what dvd burner that is dual layered gets around the lastest safedisk games…?i need a dualy burner and i figured i might as well get one that does as much as one can possibly do

do i by pass efm?

Plex 8/20 that can write Raw DAO mode
Alc safedisk profile failed
alc safedisk 2/3 profile failed
clonecd protect game cd profile w/ hide cdr-media on failed

Try this,

Plex8/20 @ 1X
AND NO PROFILE AT ALL !!! ( NO -> EMF,SafeDisc1/2/3,… )

This config. works for me.

BTW: any backup made with CloneCd does not work in my case, it is only
working when ClonCd tray activ. This not a 1:1 copy for me.
In my case CloneCd tries to fake the game protection and the user…

just my 2 cent :wink:


It’s a good thing you didn’t waste with DVDs, because with the cost of trying to copy it you could have brought a second copy of the game. :slight_smile:

Have you tried using an image + emulation instead - it might save you the hassle, especially if you have a large hard drive already.

i want a copy where i dont need emmulation… i dont want an emmulation drive on any of my compsbut thanks for the idea

I choose customize the only thinkg that is ticked is skip reading errors, fast skip error blocks

Or should i just choose normal cd?

what mode do i use DAO/SAO or RAW/DAO

When i was trying to do a custom profile alc would stop after 3 seconds of attempting to write the immage i get the error L-EC Uncorrectable Error

The LG GSA-4163 B creates copies which are startable in many drives

Uninstall CloneCD :wink:
-There is really no need for a custom profile. Everything ‘should be’ ok with the Safedisc-profile in combination with your plex and low speeds

Well every time i burn this game w/ my plex it works in my plex preium but not in my lite on’s and my plex is only an 8 speed burner how much slower u want me to go? lol. but neways you say the safedisk profile will work? with burn speed of 1x?

and why uninstall clonecd does it have anything to do with the way alc120 burns?

Also is there any other possible settings i may need to have when im burning this game with the safe disc profile

Using my Pioneer A07Xl, and Alcohol 120, I haven’t found a game yet that I couldn’t copy and play. Not that I have done all the games, but Battlefield Vietnam, DOOM 3, FarCry, Wolfenstein 3d, and a few others have all worked fine. None of my other drives will work.

what mode do i use DAO/SAO or RAW/DAO


Well every time i burn this game w/ my plex it works in my plex preium but not in my lite on’s

This is common enough. Virtually no writer will produce a copy that will work in all possible playback devices. It’s also very common for plex writers to produce copies that will only work in the plex that did the writing. A copy produced by a recent model Asus cdrw on the other hand won’t work in the writer itself but will work in most other reading devices.

In fact, if you search for a thread entitled something like “Drives that have trouble with safedisc” you’ll find that there are quite a number of drives that can’t play an original safedisc 2.9+ protected cd.

You have a back-up copy that works from at least one of your drives so relax, put your original cd away and get on with playing the game. :slight_smile:

erm :frowning:

the plex 8/20 with the safedisk profile burning at speed 1 worked (sooo slow and hour in 1/2 to burn) butn it works in all my roms :wink:
thanks much guys