It's here!



Yup the Pioneer 109 has finally shown up at newegg. Not a bad drive for the price all things considered. This one supports both D/L DVD+R and D/L DVD-R. I realize that most don’t necessarily care about D/L DVD-R but for those of us doing backups for our consoles this is very exciting news. That and if they can mass produce media, it could end up being significantly cheaper.


I’d rather have this one for $58 all things considered.


A few people over at videohelp have had one for a couple of days and should be reporting results shortly.


Yo chas0039-

See yur runnin 2.18 on your 3500 - is that the stock fw or modded?



To each their own.


I have no need of modified firmware for the NEC, all my messing around has been with the Liteon. I rip with the AOpen, I have no region code needs on the computer, and I don’t need bitsetting as my players all read +R and 90% of my burning is -R. The quality of the burns is so high that I never anticipate needing any write stratigy mods.


Yo chas0039-

Understand you very clearly - good plan-