It's good to see the forum is up again

I’m in too :bigsmile:

When did CD Freaks start anyway? This forum is absolutely the greatest source of technical computer/video/entertainment electronics on Earth. It has given me a cyber destination that I cherish. One of those threads that makes the big blue ball homelike.

I had a feeling that Drage’s mentioning this would cause this thread to be resurrected…yet again!

But as long as it’s here, I’m in on the history, too. :bigsmile:

I refuse to be lured in to this thread…oops

What crashed back then?

@diane7: sucker! :stuck_out_tongue: :flower: (kidding!) :wink: :smiley: :bigsmile:

[quote=evo69;2198431]What crashed back then?

@diane7: sucker! :stuck_out_tongue: :flower: (kidding!) :wink: :smiley: :bigsmile:[/quote]

iz Back :bigsmile: after Downloadin W7 and Being Capped :sad:
having no cdfreaks 4 nealy 3 weeks . Has it cured me ? :stuck_out_tongue:

[B]((((((( :flower: )))))))[/B]

[B]ps W7 rocks :cool:[/B]

I might as well join the party.

You can Bring the [B]Food[/B] thanks :bigsmile:
Ill bring the Dry RED Wine :cool:

Sounds like a plan to me.
Who’s bringing the beer?