It's dead

Yes, my PC is dead, i can thank them for that. :a

So, we have a dead cpu/motherboard/vga/HDD and an old nec ODD, and yes the PSU is still alive :eek:, the question now is very simple.

1.Get a laptop (sandy bridge) and forget what a desktop is?
2. a)Get a new pc?
b)Intel vs. AMD?
c)If plan B get’s activated, i will need some suggestions on motherboard/cpu/ram.

Any thoughts and suggestions? I also forgot so say that money is the subject, the lower the cost, the better for me and my empty wallet.

If your main goal is video encoding, then I strongly suggest to get an Intel SB CPU. In local stores here, there is not a huge price difference between K (unlocked version) and not-K CPUs (only 10 euros), so the K version is a nice choice even if you don’t plan to overclock.

Just recently AMD released the 32 nm CPUs, that should be low power consuming, but as everything just released maybe is better to wait some more time just in case some bad bug (like happened for SB systems) emerges :doh:

I also suggest to get a good UPS. I have this one and even if is one of the “cheap” models, I can say that is a very nice piece of hardware :iagree: Sorry if I can’t post the link of APC web site, but the site is down at the moment :doh:

Or if you can wait . See if you can buy a used PC good enough to meet your requirements . Then get the Ivy Bridge when it comes out. Its tri-gate transistors sound interesting.

I forgot to mention that to save some money you can get a micro-ATX board. Regarding chipset, I suggest the Z68, that offers more flexibility.

With a SB CPU you can temporarily save some money because the video card is integrated in the CPU; btw, the Z68 chipset allow you to recycle your previous VGA card :bigsmile:

Only get a laptop if you need portability, they are harder to fix and typically don’t last as long as a desktop.

SB + Z68 is the way to go. The 2500k cpu is the more affordable choice over the 2600k.

I don’t see any 6-core AMD Llano cpu’s available now, and looking at performance review their 4-core version is no where close to a 2500k/2600k cpu.

Well, it looks like i’ll be in the SB+Z68 train very soon (next month if all goes as planned). First because all sandy bridge laptops here are expensive, second (and most important) only Toshiba & Dell offer good quality service, plus i need some extra SATA ports for some of my drives, both HDD and ODD.

So lets start.

Mobo: ASRock extreme 4
CPU: 2500k
Ram: 8Gb (16Gb is to much)
PSU: 500/600 Watt maybe a corsair or a seasonic?
No VGA and no HDD. i’ll leave with the onboard VGA, and i already have an ocz vertex 2

Looks OK, anything that someone believes that needs some change?

So if you stick with the IGP, why a 0.5+ kW PSU? Totally overdimensioned for such a system. I’d go for Enermax or Seasonic in the 400 W range. Fortron is okay also.


I think that an 500W should be ok. the CPU will be over-clocked, 2 green hhd’s 1 ssd and 2 ODD’s. I’ll check also some 400W and in the end i have to add the price factor on all that.

I’d add a new CPU cooler. The Freezer 7 Pro will fit, but the Freezer 13 is more effective, and will allow any type of RAM to be used, as it doesn’t obstruct the RAM sockets like the Freezer 7 pro does.
There is also a Pro version of the Freezer 13, but it’s quite large.

For RAM, I’m finding the G.Skill RipjawX (2x 4GB 1600MHz works really well with the AsRock board, and they run at 1.5V.
I’d also stick with 500W PSU, just in case you want to add a graphics card at some point.


I saw a review where they tested faster ram both frequency and CL and there was no performance increase for the most part. So I would suggest going with whatever is the best price with a quality manufacturer.

Also you can start with 4gb ram if you want, its in the sweet spot. If you do a lot of video editing or open hundreds of RAW image files then go with 8GB.

Today i’ll be visiting a friend to test my current ram if they are still alive, if so i’ll use them, if they dont work i’ll try to find the best value for money ram that i can get.

Dee, a new CPU cooler is on the list, it’s a shame to get a 2500K and not over-clock it.