It's cute overload!

Go here

It’s the happiest website ever!

hehe… in that site there is something lacking: Hemi and pickles :stuck_out_tongue:

Very cute.

And wallpaper :wink:

What the h… are these pets doing? :eek: :eek: :eek:

That isn’t doggy style! :confused: :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Link doesn’t work anymore, so here’s an attachment instead:

That DrageMester is a 4-some


all this cuteness is giving me a cavity…

I think I’m gonna be sick … cats and dogs, living together … it’s the end of the world!!!

Yes, it’s quite clear that the cat should kick the dog out :iagree:

It’s too much of a pussy to do that :stuck_out_tongue:

Groan :bigsmile:

Don’t give me that … you knew it was coming :stuck_out_tongue:

But it’s like a new bruise … you just have to give it a poke anyway.

I could take that whole quote the wrong way. :bigsmile:

I’ll go wash my mouth out now

Ok, it’s time to get your mind out of the sewer & back in the gutter where it belongs.

I assure you, your mind is working overtime on this one … I have no idea what you are getting at.

My mind isn’t dirty enough to keep up with whatever Arachne is imagining you said! :sad:

Apparently I need lessons in really dirty thinking - something I didn’t think possible. :o

Oh Lady Arachne of the Dirty Mind, please teach us how to think dirtier! :bow:


oh DrageMester…stay out of the gutter with me…

/me acts all innocent and virginal…

WTF!? Innocent and virginal! You!?

The apocalypse is coming! Run to your bombshelters!

Oh wait… acting…

And this year, the Oscar for best female actress goes to Sexy Southerner!! :bigsmile:

Welll…if you really ask nicely :wink:

This is cute…looky here:

Actually I dont get what Arachne is talking about either. Except that it’s something about poking. Hmm, I will analyze this and return with new knowledge of the dirty mind.