It's bigger than it actually is!?!

I’m trying to burn some avi files to a DVD using Nero Vision Express 3.18 but i select about 3Gb of avi’s and its telling me it won’t fit cuz its about 18Gb of avi’s, whats that all about?

Please help, very new to DVD burning :wink:

maybe you dont know exactly what your doing and that 18gb is the final size of all those avi files converted to dvd ? thats probably it
anyway i dont use nerovision express so guess youll have to wait for another reply or look in its help file

what do you use, i wanna make a menu too

Nero isn’t very flexible, from what I’ve heard. DVD Video can be encoded at a large range of bitrates, allowing you to fit a variable amount of material at variable quality, but Nero chooses to only have one “standard” setting, and there’s only so much it will let you do. 3GB of AVIs can be a lot of video, what’s your approximation of how long it is? If it’s over, say, 3 hours, you’ll really be pushing the limits of one disc!

It sounds like you’re trying to make a VIDEO DVD (the fact that you want a menu supports this). Video DVD’s don’t store AVI video, they store DVD video… which is quite a bit larger. 3GB of AVI can easily be many hours of video, and as a general rule you aren’t going to get more than 4 hours of DVD video onto a DVD.

You could certainly fit them all if you made a DATA DVD, but then you couldn’t watch on your TV.

if you have an avi and its about 2hrs in length it will probably fill one disc when converted to dvd, so before converting look at the length of the movie if you want it to fit on one dvd. Nero is my favorite burning program but when it comes to converting files i think its a bit slow. To convert to a dvd format i use vsodivxtodvd because of the speed. If you want to create a menu for your avis you may want to look at svcd2dvd; It will work with avis as well, and its far and away the best program i’ve used for putting multiple mpgs on one dvd (i’ve done as many as six). I’d try the demo and see if it does what you want.