Its been asked before!

I have just puchased a Liteon 321240 writer for the girlfriends PC.
We have a problem just copying cds at the moment!! Cds seem to copy OK with no buffer underuns etc
However when playing the cd in any hi fi the data seems scracthy and music does start playing but then stops.
Its not the hifi as we use that to play cdrs normally.
The pc is only a pentium 2 400mhz 256mb ram, Microstar 6156BX MB, Windows XP Pro

And Ive set this up: HDD Primary MASTER

I have not checked for DMA mode yet, will do that later on. But from your opinions is the above set up OK or should the Liteon be the slave to the HDD or any other type of configuration

I am using NERO (latest version) and am NOT copying the CDS on the fly.

I have only tried with the media that ships with the drive and another chepo brand. Will try higher quality media later today.

But from the above primary and secondry set up is all ok???

Any help is appreciated

Enable DMA, otherwise it looks okay.
And writing with lover speeds/higher quality medium should make copies that doesn’t skip.

u might wanna have ur CDRW as secondary master… :slight_smile:

When my 40125S decided not to burn at full speed I moved it to secondary master. That fixed the problem for me. Before that i tried everything else imaginary.

Tried better quality media. Worked first time. Thanks people