It's Back! TDK 25-Pack at Circuit City for $4.99!


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Buy 5 to get free shipping
Here is the link to the 16X +R

well the 16x for sure are not the CMC MAG E01
But 100 jewel cases are higher than $20 so free dvd’s is always cool

The 16X +R, if MIT, is CMC MAG M03 :Z

to me it doesn’t really matter, you will receive 16X media anyway even if you order the 8X link. Where do they get the 8X media to send to you. 8X inventory has been exhausted and since the 8X sku number and 16X sku number are the same. You are not gonna get the 8X media. The -R 16X CMC is pretty good if you want to go to -R route

Thanks for the info Negritude :slight_smile:
Had to go to that part of town anyways so I stopped in and grabbed the last two packs on the shelf. Asked if they had any more and was told thats all they had. Seems the end of the line for E01 in my neck of the woods :sad:

@ghetocowboy - I agree with you that if they are ordered, you will end up with 16X. You will have to go to a B&M to see if they have any old stock on the shelves…Luck of the draw.

Damn -R is $19.99

I keep getting item is only available for pickup at final check out at locations that are 300 miles plus away.

shouldn’t be disappointed, you are not missing much

I bought 4 packs at my local CC and left around 12 packs for my fellow CDFreaks

If only there were some TDK RICOHJPNR02 25-packs left, I’d hop all over this deal.

would it be safe to order these online and expect CMC MAG E01’s? cause for 20 dollars per 100 discs you cant really beat that, especially if the disc will last for years and years and play well in dvd players etc etc :wink:

if not, im probably just gonna look at k-mart on the 20th for those T02’s made by sony in the 25packs of dvd+r for $6.99.

Wait, let me do this first:


and this:


No, 16x +R CMC is CMC MAG M01. 16x -R CMC is CMC MAG AM3.

Neither of those codes is what this deal is about anyway. :cop:

  1. This is a B&M (in-store) deal only. As before, we’re not talking about ordering online. This is self-evident.

  2. Inventory in the stores has not been depleted. You’re wrong. There are many stores that still have some left.

@ negritude… well, even if there M01’s i had good luck with those in the memorex brand of dvd+r 16x i bought back in 2005… they still run good to this day :wink:

so it’s safe to assume those TDK DVD+R 25 packs are CMC MAG M01’s?

No. This is the same as the deal before (why are people suddenly confused about that?). You have to go to the store and buy them.

You can’t order media online from mainstream retailers and expect a specific speed. They don’t work that way. None of them do. Only techie-retailers like Rima and SVC allow you to order media and expect a specific speed. Apples and oranges. Come on folks, I know you know how this works.


No. These are 8x +Rs. They are CMC MAG E01, the same as the deal before. That’s what this is about. Forget about 16x. Please read the original thread. Thank you. :flower:

This is a B&M deal only. Forget about ordering online.

ok thanks for your time :wink:

looks like ill just say the heck with it for now then cause i would rather not drive to CC and check… ill just check the kmart thing on the 20th and see if they got the TY T02’s (sony 25 packs) and get those for like 28 dollars + tax for the 100 discs if i can … if not ill just start burning my TYG02’s i got from rima about a year ago as i aint even burned a single disc yet from that… i was just looking for some more discs since my memorex (CMC MAG M01’s) are almost gone.